Face“ of crypto fraud project OneCoin wants to reach agreement

Face“ of crypto fraud project OneCoin wants to reach agreement

Another mastermind of the notorious crypto fraud project OneCoin has to stand trial.

As the defence of Karl Sebastian Greenwood and the US Attorney’s Office investigating the marketing guru jointly announced on Friday, both sides have informed New York Judge Edgardo Ramos that they want to reach a settlement. This relates to the charges against Greenwood in connection with Bitcoin Future the fraudulent crypto project OneCoin.

Greenwood, who was arrested in 2018, is charged with money laundering, fraud and organised crime in the case. In a previous civil lawsuit, he was described as „the public face of OneCoin“. Accordingly, he is alleged to have been responsible for marketing OneCoin and finding new investors for the crypto project, which later defrauded its investors out of several billion US dollars.

The indictment states that Greenwod „made false claims and representations to lure individuals around the world into the project […], which enabled him to capture more than US$1 billion from investors“. The marketing expert served time in Sweden during his time at OneCoin, but was arrested in Thailand in 2018.

Greenwood is currently in jail in Manhattan awaiting trial or an out-of-court settlement

Meanwhile, Ruja Ignatova, known as the „Cryptoqueen“, who is said to have been the head of the OneCoin gang, remains on the run.

The fraud project and its aftershocks are probably the most sensational case in the history of the crypto industry. Not only is a film about OneCoin to be made, starring Kate Winslet, but a separate BBC series about it is already in the works.

If an agreement is reached, Greenwood might consider himself lucky, because Ruja Ignatova’s former lawyer has since had his licence revoked after being convicted of money laundering. In addition, two other people involved in the project were found dead in July.